About Us


It all started in 1984 on the side of the road, just like any other little fireworks stand...........

Growing  quickly with 13 locations, we decided to concentrate on 1 location so in  1991 we moved our location to Maud. We had a handful of items, mostly  novelties and stuff for the kids. 


In 1994 we  built a 12’ X 16’ air-conditioned building with a few more items in our  inventory. With every year our business grew. That little stand lasted 3  seasons before outgrowing it. 


In 1997, we  knew we needed more room. That year we built a 16’ x 24’ air-conditioned  building and doubled our inventory to over 100 items.  For the next 3  years we grew to over 150 products and again needed more room, not only  for fireworks but also we now needed help. 


In 2001 we  built a 1500 sq. ft. air-conditioned showroom. We were able that year to  offer more than 240 items and have 390 ft. of shelves with displayed  fireworks. We expanded our parking area to triple the size in which it  was.   Then we had to enlist the services of family and friends as  salesmen and stockers. We also decided to have a KaBoom Fireworks Customer Appreciation  Sale just as a way to say thank you. This soon turned into an annual  event.  


In 2010 we  announced the grand opening of our newest showroom. It is over 4080 sq.  ft. and is now one of Oklahoma's largest inside showrooms.  We package  our own family packs. The items are hand picked for all 7 different  sized family packs using only new products. Our staff has grown to a  total of 17, some of them have been with us for more than 17 years.  Every year they are trained to be able to explain about all the items in  which we sell.  


Because of  our success, every year on June 15 & 16 we have an annual Customer  Appreciation Sale. We mark almost all our items down even more just for  those two days. It gives people a chance to come in ahead of time and  get a better selection and avoid the last minute crowd. Unlike other  fireworks retailers, we have our sale at the beginning instead of at the  end of the fireworks season.  Being in the business for over 30 years,  we have come to know what works and what doesn’t. We carry a huge  variety,  7 different brands! Enough to satisfy everyone from the  beginner to the professional. Since our fireworks are sold inside an  air-conditioned store out of the wind, rain and elements, our products  quality and performance are outstanding. You will receive only the  highest quality of consumer fireworks. 



In 2018 we have just completed building our new 5000 sq ft warehouse. This is going to give us room to grow our business even more. This has been something we have been needing for several years and will now be employing even more help. Thanks to our customers telling us what you are needing, we are willing to meet all your needs!



Aerial view 2019 right before our season opens. We have a huge facility, plenty of parking and everything you could possibly need to make your 4th of July spectacular! We just keep growing and growing. Be sure and tell your friends and family about us.

2019 Family visit to KaBoom Fireworks

We had so much fun making this video! Thanks toTerra Productions LLC for making this possible! https://www.facebook.com/terraproductionscl/